Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Families Can Save money: Daily Deal Websites

Okay, I know this has nothing to do with hair exactly but buying all those awesome hair accessories can be costly so why not save some money! I have been doing some research on Daily Deal ( Deal a Day) websites and I have made a list and brief description of them to share with you. I was surprised to learn how many there actually where and for what kinds of things. Did you know that you can get Daily Deals on Vacations!!!! I had no clue!

There are sites for awesomely fashionable clothing for men, women, and kids, sites for stuff for baby and children, sites for vacations, sites for electronics, and of course sites that offer a bit of everything that I have said PLUS places to eat out, things to do, make-up, photography, salon and spa's, local and online stuff, and everything thing else under the sun all for somewhere around 40-90 % off!!

At first I joined one and then heard of a couple others and it got me thinking, If you join all of them you have this awesome choice of deals all the time! So I joined the other 2 and then did research to find the others out there. I have purchased $30 worth of Mineral Make-Up from Soap Hope, the company I have mentioned in previous post HERE for only $8 and (btw, you should definitely check them out! All the proceeds go to helping empower women!) and then $50 worth of paper/business products from Vista Print for $10!!!! Isn't that awesome! The good thing is there are a lot of these deals that are for things you can purchase online as well. Some of the deal sites don't have offers for the local stuff in certain area's but you can still use them in 2 ways, 1) you can still get the deals on online stores they offer and 2) you can use them for if you go on vacation to an area that they are in, which I think is pretty cool :)

So without going on and on I will give you my master list of AWESOME DEALS lol and leave you with one last fun detail...... a lot of these sites offer a referral incentive so if you send your link to a friend and they sign up and purchase a deal you get a certain amount of deal bucks to use on the site which translates to almost free or even FREE STUFF!!! You can't beat that! So enjoy and let me know what kind of awesome deals you got!

The ones marked with * are new sites I have added!

Mix of things including, restaurants, clothing, family places, events, and much, much more.


Mom, Children/Baby, and Family Clothing and More!

Women's and Men's Clothing

Stuff For Your Home

Family Fun and Vacations
*Some of the other link's have travel as well such as Rue La La, Living Social, and Ideeli.

Daily Candy Deals

There is also a website called Threadup and  on there you can trade kids clothing with other moms.

I will add to this list as I find more. I have not received any compensation (other then the deals bucks if someone was to sign up from my referral link like everyone else, only some offer the incentive though) from these companies for writing this blog. Just sharing the info :)  

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Shaunells Hair said...

Wow-what an awesome list you've compiled! I'll have to make sure and come back to this post often.I'm always up for a good deal! Thanks for stopping by today!