Sunday, March 6, 2011

Knotty Bun

We have been very knotty lol...okay that's way to corny but oh well :) Anyways here's how to do this Do'

Start out with wet, gelled hair and separate the top from ear to ear and part down the middle. Then make a ponytail with the rest.
Split the pony in two and start tying it in knots.
Like this...
As far down as you can go.
Wrap it over the right side making the bun. Secure with bobby pins.
Take the hair from the right and cross it over to the left and split in two.
Start tying the knots.
Like this....
Now take the left side of hair and cross it over to the right and split in two and tye in knots.
Wrap them, going in opposite directions around the first part of the bun and secure with bobby pins.

Hope you like it :0) Stay tuned we will be posting St Patrick's Day Hairstyles!!


Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

Very fun! I like how you cross the hair over each other in front/top. Give it even more visual interest :)

thanks for stopping by my blog today! Did you enter the other giveaway, too?! It's done tomorrow! :D Good luck!

LegalChic said...

Karli-Thank you! It looks cuter crossing it over and it also helps hold it in place better.

I haven't entered the other contest yet, I will stop by and do that :)


Carly said...

I really like this one. The knots make a very unique bun! Thanks for sharing

AndreaLeigh said...


6quivers said...

Hi there, I had bookmarked this tutorial and I am coming back studying it for doing my daughters hair for Easter tomorrow.... When you crossed the hair over, after having knotted the ponytail, did you put an elastic in it when you crossed it over and then started knotting? I haven't attempted this yet, but it just seems in my head that when I cross over the front pieces and then try and start knotting it will get all messy and yours is so beautiful!! Please let me know your feedback if you have time. dono7695@bellsouth dot net Thank you so much for sharing such a pretty hairstyle!