Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Renaissance Style: Dutch Braid Twist with Accent Braids

Well we didn't make it to the Renaissance Festival this year :( There has just been a ton of stuff going on ( I am expanding my business! ) but my sister did go and asked me to do her hair. This is a style I did quickly in the morning before they left to go to the festival. I was in a hurry and didn't get enough step by step shots but believe it or not this is pretty simple if you can dutch braid.

 I started out with damp hair and applied gel separating it on the left side. Then I dutch braided down leaving a small amount of hair in a few sections, out of the braid for the accent twist.
 When I had braided back both sides, I secured the ends with clear elastics and put them together. Taking the ends first I rolled them into a bun going towards the left side and secured with bobby pins. Then I made Twist Braids out of the sections I left out (about 4) and secured with clear elastics.
 I took the one closest to the back and kinda of stuffed it behind the bun and secured with a bobby pin.
 The second Twist Braid I did the same thing with.
 The third and fourth Twist Braids I put on the opposite side of the bun and secured with bobby pins.
 And this is the end result! I love the way it looks on her dark hair :) The blue flower just adds enough color too.

We hope you like this style! We will be posting some more Renaissance Hairstyles soon so keep a look out for the instructions on how to do these fun Renaissance Styles!


Anonymous said...

I love your hair so cute ..thanks for sharing this :)

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

So very pretty. I love all these fancy Renaissance ones. Your sis must have real long hair to work with. Awesome!

Simply Natural said...

Very pretty and creative

Adam Rich said...

Wow awesome :) Women Sandals

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