Friday, September 25, 2009


Ok everyone, I know this isn't the typical contest that is featured on the blogs but the prizes are really good. My daughter has been involved in a program for Cheer and Dance called Young Champions Of America for almost 2 years now and she loves it! They do parades and competitions. Locally they will be in the Veterans Day Parade in Phoenix,AZ and the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Fountain Hill, AZ. They have competitions every three months and her Cheer squad has gotten 1st and 2nd place every time in regional's and placed 1st in state! As you may have read, my daughter has ADD/ADHD and having after school activities is very important. It gives her confidence and also gives her an outlet for some of that extra energy!

This semester, since she has turned 9 she has gone up in division. For cheer she has been in Varsity and now she is in Jr All-Stars and for dance she was in Jr Dance Force and now she is in Extreme Dance Force. This requires new uniforms for each that they wear in competitions and parades so they are trying to raise money by selling the raffle tickets which I think is great! So what Chelina wants to do is whoever donates the most will not only get their raffle ticket but she will make them a special bracelet!

The prizes are...
Grand Prize a $500 Visa Gift Card
1st Place a Wii Game Package
2nd Place Blue Ray DVD Player
3rd Place Sony PSP
4th Place a $75 Wal-Mart Gift Card

The drawing will be held at competition on December 6th so we will be selling until then. So if all donations help whether it is $1-$50 and the prizes are really good so if you would like to donate and get a chance to win one of the prizes click on the paypal donate button and send me an email with your name,address,and phone number so I can put your info on the ticket. YCOA will contact you if you win and your information will not be used for anything else. Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Braided Pigtails with a Twist

First, separate the hair into pigtails. We did a little zig zag part. Use a good amount of gel or pomade with this one.

Now divide the pigtail into 3 peices.

Now braid about 3/4 of the way down. Sorry about the sideways picture :/

Secure with a small clear elastic. Divide into 3 sections and and do 3 twist braids. Secure with an small clear elastic.

Now braid the rest of the way down. Make sure you separate the 3 twist braids so they stick out a little.
I added the little poof and secured it with bobby pins and added these cute liyyle flower clips I got from Claires. I think the colors looked real nice with her shirt.

We hope you enjoy this style :)