Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St Patrick's Day Pull Throughs

This is what this kind of braid reminds me of, a Celtic Knot

Start by making 3 ponytails across the top and then pull the hair through from the back towards the front.
It should look like this.
Now separate into 2 pieces.
Braid down all the way but fairly loose. The take 2 of the strands in your right hand and the 1 strand in your left and slid the 2 strands up the 1 strand.
Do this with all the ponytails that you split into 2 sections and secure at the bottom. Make a ponytail with the rest of the hair, add a cute little bow or flower, curls and your done!


Help! Mama Remote... said...

WOW!!!That looks so creative!

LegalChic said...

Help! Mama Remote~ Thank you! :)Love your blog btw.