Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laced Headband For Back To School

Last Monday was Chelina's 1st day of 3rd Grade! I wanted to do a cute style for her so I did this one. I started by separating the hair from ear to ear in a section a bit wider then the headband. Then I separated that into 2 sections and them so they were away from the middle. I placed the headband on and made a section, about like a small square, and made a small ponytail on each side if the headband. Then I took those two ponies and twisted them and crossed them over (be sure to use pomade or gel so you don't get fuzzies and flyaways) each other and added them to 2 more sections then cross over again, lacing it until you get to the opposite side and with the hair remaining I did twist braids. I left the back down and curled it a little and she was set for her first day! Thanks for reading :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink and Purple Elastic Cornrows Explained

Pink and Purple Elastic Cornrows Explained
*Re-post, read below instructions

First separate the front portion of hair and part in the middle. The back section of hair put into a pony so it won't get in the way.
Now section that area where the hair is parted so it almost looks like a V (the middle part). This is where you make the first row. Take a small section of hair at the V point and make a small elastic ponytail.

This first one is then added to the next section of hair.
Like this...

Now you have added the first pony to the next one in the row alternating colors.

Keep going adding each pony to the next.

Now you have finished the first row. The first row helps you center better.

Now separate the next section on the left.
Make the first section/square in a different color as the first one on the other row.
Keep going alternating colors until you have your row finished.
The next row is easier. Make sure to alternate colors.
Then start the right side of the first row you made.
This should be about two more rows.

Now make the first part on the opposite side by using your comb to figure out the line by lining it up with the other part.You can either start with the same section like the right side or you can start with the section closest like this.
After you finish all the ones from that side part the hair down the middle.
Now with the little ponies from the elastic cornrows, start crossing them over.
Then weave in the next.
Keep weaving them until they look like this.
Twist the piggies into buns and there you go :)Here is some closer shots of the top.

I hope these help :)

*For some reason some of my old post were put in draft status so I am re-posting them in between some new post.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Triple Criss Cross Cornrows - Our 4th of July pics

Ok, I know, this isn't the style I posted but I knew if I didn't attempt this one it would bug me lol.

So what I did was this. I separated the hair from ear to ear (a little behind) and then separated that into 3 sections across. The middle section I cornrowed all the way across then I started back on the same side and started doing a cornrow beside the middle one then stopped part of the way up then instead of doing more of a cornrow, I just braided it normal so it could cross over the middle one. Then I started the 3rd braid . I did the same thing as the other and did the cornrow up to the same point and then extended the braid a little beyond. Now after doing that I take the second braid I did and crossed it over the middle one and continued the cornrow on the opposite side. Doing the same extension to cross over. Then do the 3rd braid the same way. After all the cornrows are done and connected take the colored hair and wrap it around one of the sections of the braid and then connect it again so the colored hair is in the middle then braid as you normally would. Then I put the rest of the hair from the back in a ponytail and added the pretty patriotic bow we got from Every Little Detail.
Ok, I hope everyone had a great 4th and thanks for the comments on the other 4th style :) Oh and BTW if your little princess has bangs, your definitely going to want to use pomade or beeswax to braid then in without major flyaways. Some of Chelina's hair didn't want to co-operate even with the pomade lol.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Is Supposed To Be Slower?

Ok, I know I have been terrible about posting lately and you have probably given up on checking my page but I am trying to get things going now. I really thought things would slow down over the summer but nope, not happening lol. In between getting stuff done for my business, sleepovers, parties, a computer that isn't getting online, Dr appt's, errands, cleaning, and trying to keep bored munchkins entertained things just have not gone my way lately......and did I mention my pics for the 4th of July style got deleted lol. So I am kind of looking forward to school being back in which for Chelina is going to be July 29th.

Ok, now about the 4th of July styles. I had some pics done and they got deleted then I had this great idea for one and the piece I needed for it is sold out sooooo I am attempting an altered version of it tonight which I will have posted no later then tomorrow morning. So, if you haven't given up on me yet check back :).

Thanks for reading