Monday, June 28, 2010

Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids

For this style we were going for a butterfly kind of look and this is what we ended up with. It would have been better if I had made 2 loops on each side of the braid but this was cute as well.

First, part the hair down the middle and then make a Dutch Braid down the right side BUT at about the crown area split the hair in half that your adding and leave a half out of the braid.

It should look like this.

Do both sides and then do Twist Braids for the hair you left out.

Twist the twist braids together a couple timesin the middle.

Now start adding the twist to the remaing part of the Dutch Braid at about the nape of the neck and continue to braid as far down as you can.

This is how the braids should look by now.

Here are some 4th of July bows I made. I have 2 extra if anyone is interested in purchasing them let me know and I can send them right out. Or if your local you can pick them up just let me know soon since the 4th is almost here! :) I will sell the set for $10 .

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ren Fest Braids Step By Step

Sorry this took so long to get up and I hope these pictures are descriptive enough. If anyone still has problems with it I can do a video. It is hard to be doing the styles and have a free hand to take the pictures at the same time. So here goes.

First, separate the hair down the middle and then across the crown. Apply gel through out hair.

Start where these 3 pieces of hair are in like a V at the corner and make your dutch braid kind of at an angle and stop where the hair was separated.

It should look like this. Now secure with a clear elastic.

Now make another ponytail like this.

Do a twist braid or a regular 3 strand braid, I like it better with the twist braid.

Wrap it around the elastic into a bun going counter clockwise.Secure with bobby pins.

Now separate the side ponies into 2 pieces.

Now make 3 twist braids with the bottom half and a 4 strand braid with the top.

It should look about like this so far.

Now take the right side 4 strand braid and wrap it around the bun and secure with bobby pins. then going in the opposite direction wrap the left side 4 strand braid around the bun and secure with bobby pins.

Now for this part you can do it 2 different ways. You can either take the 3 twist braids from the left and cross them over to the right and wrap the ends around that elastic like in the pic or you can take the 3 twist braids and cross them over to the bun and wrap the ends around that and secure. Then cross the right side over to the left and do the same thing for which ever way you chose. Secure with bobby pins and cute clips, curl the remaining hair (or leave straight) and your done. Spray well and use plenty of gel.

This is what it looks like from the top.

The side.

And a hello from Chelina :)