Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wreath Twist/4 Strand Braid

Wreath Twist/4 Strand Braid

I'm back with the other style we did for Christmas but it can be used anytime. This is very simple and can be done two different ways. For Christmas, we did this one, sorry no step by steps but it is so easy they aren't really needed (if you still need step by step let me know and I will be more then happy to do the pics for you, just let me know)  Start out with wet hair and add gel throughout, comb it smoothly back into a fairly low ponytail and secure. If you want the effect like above what we did was use a Christmas scrunchy with these little furry balls lol or you can attach a bow with a clip either just if you do a crunchy, make sure to put that one in before braiding. We usually  use one good elastic with a decorative scrunchy aver it. Next, split the ponytail hair into two sections. Now do a 4 Strand Braid one each section *tip. try and braid as far down as you can so there is less ends to hide. Now wrap one braid up, over the head to make a half circle and secure with bobby pins. Now take the other braid and wrap around the opposite side of the head to complete the circle, but make sure you are covering the ends from the first side and tucking in the ends from the second side, then secure with bobby pins. I also used a plastic craft needle to thread ribbon through the braids. Spray with hairspray and you're done!

The top view.

Now this is the other version I mentioned. The only difference is I sectioned the hair into two sections and did Twist instead of 4 Strand Braids. Both have a nice effect.

Let me know what you think of these styles and thank you for reading :).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pink And Purple Elastic Cornrows

Pink And Purple Elastic Cornrows
This is pretty easy to do you just have to try and make your parts even. I made the first part where the front pink elastics are and then did each side by that part which helps. Then I alternated the colors. Then with the hair from the elastic cornrows I did the weave pattern and then into the buns.

Hope you like this one :) If anyone needs further instruction let me know :)

Pigtails, Squishy Braids, and a Poof....Oh My!

Ok, I don't have anymore pictures of this one, I really liked the way it looked though. It is pretty and simple. First I made the little poof with her bangs that we are growing out ( I am considering cutting them though....they bug lol) I left a little bit down on each side and then put the rest into pigtails. I separated a small amount of hair on the top section of each pigtail. I did a loose braid and then at the end I slid 2 of the 3 braid strands up to make the squishy braid. I think it looks a lot like Celtic Knot work. Anyways I secured each squishy braid with an elastic and there you go! Enjoy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Tree

We did this style for her last week of school. I like how it turned out although I wish I had been able to find a little star or something for the top, that would have been soooo cute :)

I know the pictures are terrible below but If you can see good enough they are helpful.

First make sure to do this while the hair is wet and use a good amount of strong gel. I put half of  her hair into a fairly high ponytail. Then I kinda of separated it like when you do a messy bun and just made little elastic ponytails all the way around. Then for each little pony you made split it in half and add it to the half from the one next to it and secure with another elastic.

Keep splitting it and adding it to the side one all the way down until you have something that looks like a webbed hat lol. Spray it with hairspray and let it dry. 

After it has dried, pull it down so it looks like a cone. Take the bottom half of the hair you didn't do the webbing with and put into low pigtails. Take the webbed hair and add to each side and secure (it doesn't have to be secured to the same spot you made the pigtails it can be further down the pigtail to make a tall enough Christmas tree.). Then I took these cute little Christmas bulbs I found at Michael's and a plastic craft sewing needle and just tied it into different spots on the tree. Add a tree topper or whatever else you think looks cute and you have a decorated Christmas tree!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and sorry these post are after Christmas but keep it in mind for next year! We have one more Christmas style I will be posting next but it can be used year round!

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Absence, a Style, and The Nissan Leaf

For starter,I hope everyone had a great Holiday and a wonderful New Years!  I do have a few reasons I have not posted, one is because my laptop died and I have to replace the motherboard which really suck! Two is because I have been super busy but I have some new stuff to post. My daughter and I tagged along with my dad to go test drive the new Nissan Leaf at the special promotion they have been doing which this time was in Tempe at the Arts Festival.
I was really surprised and impressed with this car so I thought I would share a bit of info and pics. We got there, signed in and they walked us through a presentation. It looks nice and comes with lots of amenities like an awesome navigational system that tells you when your getting low on power and then finds you a place to charge up! You get about 106 city miles or 92 highway miles per full charge which isn't bad for local driving (a little more of a challenge for people with long commutes until there are plenty of charging stations) and it is priced at $32,780 ($25,280 after a $7,500 federal tax incentive). It drives smooth and is very responsive, overall I really like the car and I am considering purchasing one. To buy one you put a $99 deposit down from what I remember and make an appointment for them to come out and talk to you about setting up the charging station. There are a lot of orders going in so you have to wait for production though so until this coming Fall you wont be able to really walk in to the local Nissan and drive off the lot. I think its worth the wait though especially with the price of gas going up constantly! So go check out the Nissan website and let me know what you think!

This is just a cute shot I got while we walked through the art fest after the test drive :)
Here is the style I was talking about, we like this one
It's almost like this one but a little different.
Now here is her model pose! Talk about Nissan advertising lol!
Hope you enjoyed the post even though it was only partially hair related and keep a look out over the next week for more HAIR post to come with a little bit of the other stuff too :)