Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ultimate Ponytail :0)

 I like this cause it is simple and way better then just a plain ponytail.
 Start by separating the hair across the top, from ear to ear.
 Now make a nice, neat ponytail.
 Now take the left side of the hair from the top and cross it over to the right of the ponytail.
 Do the same with the left.
 Cross it over underneath the pony.
 And back over and secure with a clear elastic.
 Let it slide down just a bit and then make a single knot.
 Go Under again and back over and knot again.
 Do this all the way down and secure with an elastic.
 It should look about like this. Now you can add flowers, decorative bobby pins or whatever you like
I didn't get a picture of the completely finished style because we do our styles the night before and I don't add all the goodies till morning and it happened to be a crazy morning (more then usual at least) and I didn't have time for a pic. This is why we do our styles the night before instead of in the morning before school. It just doesn't work with an ADHD kid lol.  Let us if you like this one, your feedback is important :0) !
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Anonymous said...

this is gorgeus, however neither my hair or my sister's would ever be long enough for it!

sheswrite said...

Visiting from SITS. I have two little boys, so no fancy ponytails for me, but I really like this one, it's very cute and creative! :) BTW, your blog looks good.