Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty Ponytails:Rosette Braid Topped Side Ponytail

This is the other style we did with the rosette braids. Sorry the pictures are so crappy. This is a really easy hairstyle and it looks soooo pretty!

 Start with a smooth side ponytail.
 Using the hair from the top of the ponytail, make 3 small braids (not too small though). Secure the ends with clear elastics.
 Start rolling the braid up.
 Place it so the end of the braid you rolled up that shows the elastic is on the back side and take a couple bobby pins and slide through attaching it to the right corner above the ponytail. Then roll a second one for the middle just a little higher the the first on, secure. Now the third one. We left a couple of the ends stay out so it would look like leaves. You can hide them or leave them out. * The brighter pictures were taken after she had slept in this over night and been at school all day. They stay pretty well!

 Thank you for reading, we love our followers! Please comment to let us know what styles you prefer :) 


Carly said...

This is lovely! I only wish my hair was long enough to make the beautiful rosettes

LegalChic said...

Carly-Thank you! My hair is just a bit longer then shoulder length, I am going to try on mine and see how it turns out lol, I love this one it is deffinitly for any age!


AndreaLeigh said...

So pretty! I love it! Makes me wish I had longer hair, LOL.