Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Laced Headband For Back To School

Last Monday was Chelina's 1st day of 3rd Grade! I wanted to do a cute style for her so I did this one. I started by separating the hair from ear to ear in a section a bit wider then the headband. Then I separated that into 2 sections and them so they were away from the middle. I placed the headband on and made a section, about like a small square, and made a small ponytail on each side if the headband. Then I took those two ponies and twisted them and crossed them over (be sure to use pomade or gel so you don't get fuzzies and flyaways) each other and added them to 2 more sections then cross over again, lacing it until you get to the opposite side and with the hair remaining I did twist braids. I left the back down and curled it a little and she was set for her first day! Thanks for reading :)

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Amber said...

Sweet! I've never thought to put a headband inside the hairstyle!