Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Is Supposed To Be Slower?

Ok, I know I have been terrible about posting lately and you have probably given up on checking my page but I am trying to get things going now. I really thought things would slow down over the summer but nope, not happening lol. In between getting stuff done for my business, sleepovers, parties, a computer that isn't getting online, Dr appt's, errands, cleaning, and trying to keep bored munchkins entertained things just have not gone my way lately......and did I mention my pics for the 4th of July style got deleted lol. So I am kind of looking forward to school being back in which for Chelina is going to be July 29th.

Ok, now about the 4th of July styles. I had some pics done and they got deleted then I had this great idea for one and the piece I needed for it is sold out sooooo I am attempting an altered version of it tonight which I will have posted no later then tomorrow morning. So, if you haven't given up on me yet check back :).

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