Friday, July 17, 2009

Pink and Purple Elastic Cornrows Explained

Pink and Purple Elastic Cornrows Explained
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First separate the front portion of hair and part in the middle. The back section of hair put into a pony so it won't get in the way.
Now section that area where the hair is parted so it almost looks like a V (the middle part). This is where you make the first row. Take a small section of hair at the V point and make a small elastic ponytail.

This first one is then added to the next section of hair.
Like this...

Now you have added the first pony to the next one in the row alternating colors.

Keep going adding each pony to the next.

Now you have finished the first row. The first row helps you center better.

Now separate the next section on the left.
Make the first section/square in a different color as the first one on the other row.
Keep going alternating colors until you have your row finished.
The next row is easier. Make sure to alternate colors.
Then start the right side of the first row you made.
This should be about two more rows.

Now make the first part on the opposite side by using your comb to figure out the line by lining it up with the other part.You can either start with the same section like the right side or you can start with the section closest like this.
After you finish all the ones from that side part the hair down the middle.
Now with the little ponies from the elastic cornrows, start crossing them over.
Then weave in the next.
Keep weaving them until they look like this.
Twist the piggies into buns and there you go :)Here is some closer shots of the top.

I hope these help :)

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Lamps Family said...

Awesome! Thanks so much this helps a lot. =)

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Lamps Family:
I'm so glad I helped. :)