Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Braided Pigtails with a Twist

First, separate the hair into pigtails. We did a little zig zag part. Use a good amount of gel or pomade with this one.

Now divide the pigtail into 3 peices.

Now braid about 3/4 of the way down. Sorry about the sideways picture :/

Secure with a small clear elastic. Divide into 3 sections and and do 3 twist braids. Secure with an small clear elastic.

Now braid the rest of the way down. Make sure you separate the 3 twist braids so they stick out a little.
I added the little poof and secured it with bobby pins and added these cute liyyle flower clips I got from Claires. I think the colors looked real nice with her shirt.

We hope you enjoy this style :)

1 comment:

Mamarazzi said...


i wish my daughter would let me do fun things with her hair..but she is 14 now and a teenager...i miss getting creative with her long locks!!

you have a serious knack for this!

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