Saturday, February 6, 2016

☆Knotted and Twisted☆

☆ Knotted and Twisted☆
This is a very cute style and VERY easy to do! One thing is, you have to be working with at least semi long hair cause it shortens it a lot! As you can see in the picture, it shortens my daughter's hair to shoulder length and her hair is waist length.

So basically what I did was I separated the hair for piggies and pulled the bangs back into a little poof, secured by an elastic ( make sure you use gel when doing this). Then I took a small amount of hair right below where the left piggy is and put the rest into the pig tails. Then the small amount of hair, I twist braided and attached it to the right side piggy.

Then I took the hair from the left piggy and separated into two and tied. Then I switched the pieces that were in my hands and tied again. I did this tie and switch the whole way down until there was just this tiny bit of hair left. Switching hands makes it so you don't end up with one side longer then the other. Then I did the same with the right side and I was all done.
Here are the rest of the views below. Also, please if you can read my last post called Death in the Family I am trying to help my cousin get donations for funeral expenses. Anything you can donate would be wonderful! Thank you in advance!


SugarandSpice said...

Cute hair-do! Love the knotted piggies! I was looking at my comments and realized I have never linked you! I'm going to go do it now!!!:)

Jen Hilton said...

You always have such shiny & smooth hair. How do you not have tons of fly-aways? That is always my problem.

LegalChic said...

Thanks Jen! I do her hair when it is real wet and I add gel or pomade depending on what I am doing. This helps a lot then I spray it with hairspray after I have finished it.


LegalChic said...

Suger and Spice,

Thanks for the comments and adding me :)I love your site!