Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dutch Braids with Beaded Accent Twist Braids

Sorry I haven't posted! My desktop has died so now I have to just get on someone else's whenever I have the chance. I was so rushed this year that I didn't get a chance to do a step by step. I will though, if enough people are interested. It looks complicated but it is really pretty easy, just a little time consuming...not too bad though and the end result is worth it. I will also be trying some other things with this hairstyle. So let me know what you think!!!

**Please bare with me  while I am trying to get my computer going...or just get a new one lol.


Razzle Dazzle Mom said...

This is really cute! It does look complicated, but if you say it is easy, I would love a step-by-step! :)

Beads, Braids & Beyond said...

This is gorgeous!!

Curlyhairisbeautiful said...

This is very pretty!
Also, you have won an award! :) Please check out to claim it!

6quivers said...

I know this is a dated post but I would enjoy seeing a tutorial as well. this is a beautiful style and I have a daughter with long hair that I think it would look lovely on.
God Bless~~