Saturday, July 24, 2010

Classy Cross Over

We did this beautiful style today. I love these styles with different braids or twist kind of draped through.

We started by parting the hair down the middle.

Then we made this V in the front.

Start doing a Dutch Braid at the tip of the V on the right side.

I left out a little bit of hair up front

Continue the braid into the rest of the hair so the Dutch Braid is going around to the middle. Leave out about 3/4 of one side of the braid on the right side.

It should look like this.
Now do the other side the same way.

Now add both sides together and make it into one braid going down but leave some hair at the bottom for the little flip part. Also make 2 twist braids on each side.

Pull the bottom of the hair up through the middle. Push the braid up a little so it isn't hanging so much and secure with bobby pins.

So far it should look about like this.

I took a little butterfly clip and cinched together the bottom hair to make it neater.

Now take the twist braids from the right and cross them over to the left corner of the middle bun and hold it in place with a pretty clip, leaving a little sticking up. Now do the same with the twist on the left side and cross over to the right. Curl under a little and back brush just a little spray and your done.

We hope you like this style and as always we would love to see pictures if you try this on your daughter or anyone else :)


Merynne said...

This is really beautiful! I try to do this kind of thing on my little girl all the time, but her hair just isn't long enough yet. ;)

Jill said...

I LOVE the way you leave out the little sections to loop around the braid. That little accent is what makes your site different from the other hair blogs I read. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

LegalChic said...

Merynne- Thank you! You know sometimes if you just play around with it you can do the same thing just altered a little for the shorter hair.

Jill- Thank you very much!I am glad to be able to share something that brings a mother and daughter together :)

Jen Hilton said...

Hey my friend, I super love this hair do. I can't believe your daughter is SO big & grown up. How are you and the family doing?

LegalChic said...

Hey there! How have you been? We are doing good just been busy with back to school and all. Chelina is getting big, she will be 10 next month! Email me and let me know how things are goin for you guys :)


Mark & Heather Mac said...

Just fabulous and classic beauty! What beautiful memories you are making with your daughter!