Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Tree

We did this style for her last week of school. I like how it turned out although I wish I had been able to find a little star or something for the top, that would have been soooo cute :)

I know the pictures are terrible below but If you can see good enough they are helpful.

First make sure to do this while the hair is wet and use a good amount of strong gel. I put half of  her hair into a fairly high ponytail. Then I kinda of separated it like when you do a messy bun and just made little elastic ponytails all the way around. Then for each little pony you made split it in half and add it to the half from the one next to it and secure with another elastic.

Keep splitting it and adding it to the side one all the way down until you have something that looks like a webbed hat lol. Spray it with hairspray and let it dry. 

After it has dried, pull it down so it looks like a cone. Take the bottom half of the hair you didn't do the webbing with and put into low pigtails. Take the webbed hair and add to each side and secure (it doesn't have to be secured to the same spot you made the pigtails it can be further down the pigtail to make a tall enough Christmas tree.). Then I took these cute little Christmas bulbs I found at Michael's and a plastic craft sewing needle and just tied it into different spots on the tree. Add a tree topper or whatever else you think looks cute and you have a decorated Christmas tree!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and sorry these post are after Christmas but keep it in mind for next year! We have one more Christmas style I will be posting next but it can be used year round!

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