Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th Of July style

4th Of July style
Okay so I started out by separating the hair down the middle. Use a good amount of gel for this.
Then across the top
I split the right side into 2 sections. Then I took the right side of that and make 6 sections across.

Now take the bottom section and split again, twist hair so it will fit through the bead and add to the section to the right of it.
*these pics look different cause I was going to have 2 rows of beads on the left and right of each will make more sense later. This shows how to do the beads though.
Secure with a clear elastic.
Do the same with the next one.
So add the red, white, and blue beads going up the right side like this.
Until it looks like this
Now the left side.
Like this.
Then I took a section on the left just behind her bangs for a cornrow and braided it down, then added red, white, and blue beads to that braid and secure with a clear elastic at the bottom.
Now go back and starting at the bottom take the little ponies you have created and split them in half add the section so you have 3 strands and start your braid. Now just dutch braid by adding each side as you go up and then secure at top.
We added the left over hair from the crown and made pigtails and made messy buns to weave the Glowbys into.
We added the bows I made as well.

This is with pigtails instead of buns.

For a more dramatic look, you can make this like I was starting out and instead of having the one braid going up the middle you will have two braids and more beads. This is kinda confusing to explain since we changed the way we were doing it but Chelina was tired and it takes longer to do the other way. I hope this explains enough though. I got some of the inspiration for this from Kristi at and Nikki at both of them super talented . If you want to get the Glowbys go here I didn't take a pic with them in cause it wouldn't show up with my camera. They are awesome though! Well enjoy and we hope you have a fun, safe 4th!


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I freakin' LOVE IT!!!!!!!

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Wow! That's really differnt, I like it a lot

Andrea said...

I love the idea of adding beads!!

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