Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swirled And To The Side

This is a pretty hairstyle that can be dressy or casual. These pictures didn't turn out the greatest and don't do it justice but it's what I got. I will do a step by step for this and the one for Ren Fest next week when school is out. Basically what I did was separate a section of hair along the front and then braided it low.Then I took the top section of hair and made a little poof and secured it into a ponytail. Then I made 2 other ponytails and on the bottom pony, I added the braided sides. Then I took the top pony and made a loose swirled bun, securing it with bobby pins and leaving this little extra bit of hair going to the left then I made the same bun for the second pony but I twisted it in the opposite direction and left the extra hair at the end going to the right. I left the bottom pony down and curled it and the ends that were from the buns, although you can't tell real good cause at this point her hair had lost its curl from being in the heat and it got a little fuzzy. To make the buns a little bigger I lightly back brushed the hair before swirling it into the bun. Now all you have to do is spray with a good holding hairspray and your done!
I am looking for a really good holding hairspray, what hairspray do you use?

This one was after she got her face painted :)

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