Friday, May 28, 2010

Funky Knots

Ok, corny name I know but sometimes I run out of my name creativity lol. The pictures are horrible, they were taken in the morning before school (as I was shoving her out the door on the verge of being late) and taken with my phone so no flash and low light, but I at least thought to get a few pics of it before it was all messed up.

Anyways, enough about my lovely school mornings with a kid who REALLY has ADHD lol. Now lets get to stylin'!

This style is done on wet hair with a good amount of gel applied. First separate a section of hair from ear to ear along the top, now part that to the side (I part on the right so the short side is on the right). Take the shorter side and make puffy braids or elastic braids as I call them, by sectioning a row and securing it with an elast and then getting another sectioned row and adding the hair from the first to that one and continue down do this for the whole right side. Now, start with the hair on the longer side (left) at the top and secure with an elastic then tie onto itself once then add to the next section and secure with an elastic. Now add another section to it and then tie once and secure with an elastic. Now do this tie and skip as far down as you can go till you get to just below the ear and secure with an elastic.

Now take both sides and add to the remaining hair in back and secure into a ponytail. Separate into two sections and tie over and over just leaving a little at the end and secure with an elastic, pull the knotted ponytail up and attach with bobby pins to the hair making X's with the pins to hold in place. Take the remaining hair and curl under a little. I made it so one side was higher then the other since this is how the knot was making go anyways and it looked cute. Spray and your good to go!

Enjoy and if there are hairstyles I do that I haven't done a pic step by step with and you would like one let me know and I will work on it now that school is out. Remember, if you let me know what you think and what you like I can come up with more styles for ya :) so comment lots :) :)!!!

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