Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cornrowed Mini Faux Hawk Poof

Cornrowed Mini Faux Hawk Poof

For this what I did was first separate a patch of hair down the middle and pinned it aside. Now take the hair on the side and cornrow from the front going back. My daughters hair is kinda fine so I only made three sections going back on each side. Now do the other side and make a pony tail out of the braids. You want the ponytail to be about where the poof ends in the picture, it will be covered up by the remaining hair. Now, take the hair from the middle and use a rounded brush and blow dryer, blow dry the hair in small sections from back to front. When you blow dry, pull the hair so it is over extended, spray it and use the round brush to add the volume. After you have finished, take the front section (bangs) and make a small poof out of it. Now, back brush the rest of the sections a little and smooth over then make another, larger poof that would end right at the top of the ponytail and secure with about 4-6 bobby pins in an x pattern. Now smooth hair and blend with the ponytail. You can curl remaining hair or straighten. Spray and your done! :)

Also, you might notice her shirl in the back is altered. I cut the strips across and then did a french fishbone braid and I think it turned out sooo cute! I see styles in all kinds of weird places lol!


SugarandSpice said...

I LOVE IT!!!! She looks So stylin' in this picture!

Anonymous said...

I think you should do a video on this to make it more clear to us!

LegalChic said...

SugerandSpice-Thank you :)

Marshmallow-Now that school is out for summer I will get some video's done. Keep watch for them :)