Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I wanted to share this with you guys because this company has some awesome stuff! I just got an email from them today and went to the website to check out there new stuff and I came across these bed's. Aren't they just adorable! These are a bit of an investment but they do have cheaper stuff there too. I have been getting there catalogs for awhile and I recently signed up for there affiliate program so if you do decide to buy something from them I would appreciate if you would go through my link :). Click on the pic ---
PoshTots - extraordinary children's furnishings!

Chelina LOVES this one!

and this one.....

and this one a little too lol

They also have room decor and clothing for babies and older kids. I love, love, LOVE this store!


Future Mama said...

Wow!! AWESOME beds!! I love them, and I think my daughter must have one someday, haha! I'm so bad! It's things like this that make me think "maybe i should wait awhile and save... A LOT!" haha. Maybe not, I'm selfish, I'll probably make her sleep in a NORMAL bed!

Anonymous said...

Those are cool beds.

LegalChic said...

Future Mama,
Aren't they great beds! You know most people whi think of themselves as selfish see that baby for the first time and all that goes out the window lol.


LegalChic said...

I know I wiah I could have had stuff like that when I was little! Everything for kids has gotten better :)