Friday, December 2, 2016

Hair Flower bouquet

~The flower bouquet~

*Somehow some of my post have been...not deleted, but not live either so these are kind of way out of sequence but I wanted to get them back up. I will have one day of retro styles, I guess you could say, being reposted but if you want to see our newest, go to our Sweet Sixteen post....I told you this was retro lol. She is now 16!

This is the style I came up with for The Arizona Aloha Festival that we went to. It is three flower's and stems going down the back.

This starts with three ponytails across the top then you take and split the first one into four pieces on each side but leaving the middle kind of like peeling a banana. Then you take the top "peel" and fold it over (going away from the middle) to make the petal. Secure it with a small elastic. There will be some hair hanging down from the petal, take and split that in half and bring each piece down so there is one on each side. Then start with the next petal. Doing the same thing all the way around. When you have done all four take all the remaining hair from the petals together and secure it with a green elastic and place a few more down the line depending on how long your daughter's hair is. Then take the middle part (the banana) and twist it into a real twisty bun and secure it. Then just repeat with the other 2 ponies and and join each "stem" together and now you have the bouquet!
I will be doing a more elaborate version of this soon so just keep a look out!

Here is a couple closer side view.

At the Aloha Festival


Jen Hilton said...

Okay, so how do you get the "petals" to not get all fuzzy and come undone?

LegalChic said...

I use gel normally but I just got this stuff called Demented Styling Goo by Beyond Zone from Sally's. Its the green one lol (dont worry it doesn't show up green lol). When I get ready to fold over the hair petal I put that on and comb it smooth then put the elastic on. I am gonna do a vid on this one definitly lol.

Let me know if you need help with it. It really seems more difficult then it is :)