Thursday, February 10, 2011

♥ Heart Headband for Valentine's Day♥


This just kinda popped into my head the other day and I tried it out, it's a good thing I took pics lol. I didn't use gel cause we were doing something that day and if it didn't turn out right I would have to take it down and it's easier with out the gel. This means there were some fuzzies lol. So I suggest you either use gel or pomade for this.
First I parted her bangs out, if your daughter doesn't have bangs you can skip this step

Then I parted the hair straight down the back.

Then I separated a band on each side.

Now make a small pony and do a pull through (you will be making 3 ponies on each side).

It will look like this.

 Now split the pulled through pony into two sections and twist them outward.
 Shape into a heart.
 Secure with an elastic and put to the side.
 Make the second pony and do the same thing except now you want to pull the end from the first heart in through the second heart.

 Attach the bottom of the second heart to the hair you pulled through from the first. It will look like this.
 Here is a closer pic doing this with the third heart.
 Now the left side is done.
 Just do the exact same thing on the right.
 Take the ends from the hearts and pull smoothly back.
 Attach an elastic.
 Top view.
 You can do a ribbon like this and attach it to the elastic you used or you could use a plastic craft needle and thread it through the pull trough's.

 I poofed it up a little and curled the ends just a bit.

We may have one more style before Valentine's so check back.
Have a Valentine's Day full of love!

It will look like this.


Curly Hairdo Ideas said...

Very cute and creative! Thanks for sharing!

SHELLY said...

I found your blog through a comment you left on mine. Boy was I excited. You are one of the great bloggers that takes the time for step by step photos that make it so much fun for the rest of us. I just do something, snap a picture and that is it!
Thank you for sharing your styles!
Shelly from "PIMP THAT HAIR"

LegalChic said...

Karli-Thanks for the comment :)

Shelly- Thank you so much! I don't always get to do step by step pics, but I try :) I know they help a lot.