Friday, February 4, 2011

~♥~5 Heart Valentine's Day Hair Style~♥~

~♥~5 Heart Valentine's Day Hair Style~♥~

 First, apply gel to wet hair and part the hair down the middle, then separate a section of hair that is just behind the ear on each side and make a ponytail. Use either a piece of string, a topsy tail, or a rat tail comb, and pull the hair through the back and into the front.  
 Split that ponytail in half and braid each side like this.
 Make a third section of hair and secure with an elastic and then secure the braids with it like this or do like I ended up doing and just pull the braided pieces through going back where you do the next pull through. Hope this makes sense look at the picture after this one below. You can do it either way though.

 I ended up changing it and pulled the braids through like this.

 Now braid the second section like you did the first.
 Now just do the same with the other side.

 At this point it should look something like this.
 Now with the bottom half of the hair, make a ponytail adding the extra hair from the braids from the first heart (I didn't smooth it down so you can see it) Do a pull through going from the bottom, up. Then connect the left braid and right braid from the sides and pull through going from top to bottom so it comes out the bottom.
 Now with the hair you pulled through the top, split it in half and braid to make the heart.
 Connect it to the hair coming through the bottom and then just go through and place bobby pins where needed to support the hearts

Hope you like this style and we will be adding another soon. Thank you for reading :) !!!

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