Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Parade

Veteran's Day Parade

Yesterday my daughter was in the Veterans Day Parade in Phoenix with Young Champions of America which is the program she goes to for Cheer and Hip Hop. They are huge and have classes for Cheer, Hip Hop, Soccer, Karate, and Art all over the valley as well as in California, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan (Tennessee, Indiana, Pennsylvania), Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa! They are only $6 per class and are a Non-Profit Organization. Chelina has been doing Cheer and Hip Hop with them for about 2 years. She loves it and her coaches are great! They do parades and competitions each semester.
So yesterday I found out the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade is the 4th largest Veterans Day Parade. I mean I have only lived in Arizona since 1998 and then 6 years as a kid and I didn't know this lol. It was great to go out and see everyone there showing their pride. It was a Little toasty out though :(, 91 degree's is way too hot for November! The weather man Say's that was the last of the 90 degree temps so we will see.

So as far as hair goes, I did a 2 criss cross twists over a scarf and then pigtails with braids then 4 twist in the middle with red, white, and black elastics (her cheer colors). I wrapped the ends of the scarf around the elastics for the pigtails and secured with a small black elastic. So here is the pics. Wasn't able to get many at the parade cause I was also using the camcorder and we were late due to traffic issues. I did take some after getting back though.
I know these aren't the best step by step pic's but it was late :( so forgive me. It is basically 2 styles I have done before combined.

Thanks for reading and thank you to all the soldiers who have served and are serving now.


Kimberly said...

Very cute my girls are in sparklers twirling and they also do parades and are all over as well.

BlogBaby said...

Wow you do have a knack for doing hair! Pretty little lady you have there too!


P.S. Thanks for stopping by for my SITS day I truly appreciate it!

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