Monday, November 9, 2009

Squeshed, loose buns

I did this one the other day and it is very simple pretty. I didn't have flowers to match her clothes though but these looked nice for the style.

I separated the hair in 2 sections going across the back of the head. I then made 2 ponytails, one just a bit to the right of the center and the other a little to the left of center. Then, using bobby pin's and twisting the hair just slightly, I formed the bun's. I did this while the hair was still a little damp. Spray well and smooth out and don't forget your flower 's or bows in each side and your done!

We hope you like this style!

1 comment:

cata said...

So elegant!!! this would be really beautiful for a wedding!
Great job! Gonna have to try it