Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cornrow Mohawk

Cornrow Mohawk

This is Sutehia, she was staying with her Grandma next door up until yesterday when she went back home. For her going away style we did this colorful mohawk. She has become part of the family so of course we did her hair :)

I seperated the hair down the middle on top to get that mohawk line and then cliped it out of the way. Then I seperated the first row and did the cornrow going up. I secured it with an elastic and then did the next row. After I finished the 2nd row I took the hair that was left over and added it to the 2nd cornrow and secured with an elastic. I just continued the cornrows and adding until I got almost to the back. Did the same with the other side, and then curled the hair for the mohawk back. I made a little poof and secured it and was done.

LOL she is always goofy :) We will miss her!

We hope you enjoy this style!



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SugarandSpice said...

I think this rocks! I love it. It is perfect for her haircut and type:)