Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big News-Save money!

Okay, this has nothing to do with hair other then the fact that you can probably get hair supplies and save money which is always good lol. As you guys may know I have my own business marketing Pre-Paid Legal and Identity Theft Services, well Pre-Paid Legal has partnered with this great new program called Blastoff that has just launched to the public today and it is just in time for the holiday season!! Blastoff is a free program to join and you can save a lot of money ( and make some money! ) purchasing from places you purchase from anyways. It is a portal, I guess you could say to all the big name stores and when you sign up FOR FREE and go to the stores to shop through Blastoff you get discounted prices and you make money!

In a time when it seems like everyone is struggle to one degree or another, isn't it just great to be able to do the shopping you know your gonna have to do anyways, save money, and even make some money doing it? So I am asking that you click on the link and check it out. Just give it a try. It is free so you have nothing to lose! Please also refer people to this site as well cause see not only will you save and even make some money shopping through here but I make money when someone signs up at my site and shops, and you can as well. I am really excited about this especially with Christmas coming! I know I will be using it :) So, check it out and let me know what you think. Oh, and by the way here are some of the stores....

Bed Head (there is one place for hair supplies)









Barnes and Noble

Old Navy

Tiger Direct (great prices on electronics)





Justice for girls (we love this store)

Sally's Beauty Supply (we shop there often..more hair stuff!)

The Baby Outlet

and many, many more!!!

Savings on merchandise of all kinds, travel, wireless, you just have to check it out! Can't wait to hear what you think :)

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