Sunday, April 12, 2009

Her Easter Hair Do

Her Easter Hair Do

So this is the one we finally did. It is part of the other idea's with something else thrown in. I didn't get the step by step pictures this time but for the most part they are already on my other postings.
This is the 'do. Read below for how to overview.

So basically I seperated 2 sections of hair 1 on each side of her head and secured with a clear elastic. I then did those into twist. The reast of the hair I seperated into 3 ponies and did the flowers like in my other post. After that I twisted the twist up over her head like a headband and secure them bt tying a string around them. Then I added it to the "stems" and she DID have a real pretty ribbon wrapped around the "stem" bottom to look like a pretty bouquet buuutttt she squirmed around so much during church that it slid off so I didn't get that in the pic.
So here it is if you have any question or anything ask away :)
Happy Easter!!!
~~Brianna and Chelina~~


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Ashley said...

very pretty

Jen Hilton said...

I loved this one!