Saturday, March 21, 2009

My new "Hair Blog" !

Ok so, I thought I would make a blog just for my hair styles and then just link to my other blog because I think it is easier that way. In case you don't know, my name is Brianna and I am a single 31 year old work at home mom. I have one daughter and her name is Chelina. I have done all kinds of stuff with her hair since she was about 4 and since discovering the other wonderful "Hair Blogs" on here I have been inspired all over again!

I love doing hair and everyone always says I should be a stylist which is such a great compliment for me :). I have always done hair since I was well about my daughters age. I would put my Grandma's hair in rollers and style it for her and later I did her perms and coloring. I also did some basic cuts as well. Then when I had a daughter I just started experimanting with designs. I have done so many and unfortunatly I don't have pictures of them all :( but I am going to come up with new ones and try and re-create the old ones as well.

I hope everyone enjoys them as much as we do and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions let me know......I love feedback !!! :)

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