Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dutch Braids

~~Dutch Braids~~
Ok, this isn't a very recent pic but it works for all intensive purposes lol. A Dutch Braid is basically a French Braid flipped upside down. I wanted to learn how to do cornrows a few years ago (which is usually a bunch of tiny Dutch Braids) so I taught myself. To do a Dutch Braid you start out like your making a pony tail in the beginning spot where you want the braid to start, then you seperate that into 3 peices. Braid those 3 peices going once over but do it by putting the hair under insted of over. Then just go down the line adding a peice on each side as you would with a French Braid. This can be done in many styles! I will add step by step pics with all my styles soon. I just wanted to go ahead and list some of this for you.

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